101 Blogs to keep you positive

  1. DailyGood This free daily newsletter shares a short excerpt from an inspiring true good news story each day, with links to the full articles around the web.
  2. GoodlifeZEN Mary Jaksch’s blog has the tagline, “practical inspiration for a happier life,”, is read by over a million people yearly
  3. Greatist Greatist is focused on helping the world think of health in a healthier way by publishing award-winning, crazy-shareable articles written by someone just like you (and verified by the best experts on the planet) with love, coffee, and whole lot of laughs.
  4. The Good Men Project Men receive so many mixed messages about how they should behave. The Good Men Project is a thought provoking multimedia project about what it means to be a “good man” in modern society.
  5. KarmaTube This video site features inspiring videos about heroes, the arts, compelling scientific discoveries, and more, along with tips for taking action.
  6. Marc and Angel Hack Life This couple is focused on helping you think better, feel better, and live better, they endeavour to fulfil this goal by writing three fresh personal development articles every week
  7. Oprah’s Life Lift Blog Every day, Oprah.com’s Life Lift blog features original short essays by its contributors, and points out the best content on the web to delight and inspire.
  8. Positively Positive At its core, Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity.
  9. Simple Mom Tsh Oxenreider’s Simple Mom blog is an ode to simplifying home life, with tips on budgeting, decluttering, eating well, and other parentingrelated advice.
  10. Unclutterer A more organized life is a happier life. This blog is packed with fun and informative tips and tricks to help you organize your home and work, so that everything else can fall into place.
  11. WorkAwesome Work Awesome is a resource for people who love what they do, and want to become awesome at it.
  12. Walter Jacobson Blog Everything from relationships to depression is addressed at this blog that offers positive thinking solutions for both.
  13. The Happiness Institute Blog What can happiness do for you? According to this blog, just about anything. Read about what happiness can fix and get smiling!
  14. SelfGrowth Folks flock to this site for it’s approachable take on positive psychology. There’s also an active community for those who want to make a few friends with others who practice the same mindset.
  15. Enchanted Self By positive psychologist and author Barbara Becker Holstein, this blog aims to empower women through positive psychology practices.
  16. TinyBuddha Tiny Buddha is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives—complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships
  17. Psychology Today The Psychology Today Blog is an online feature of Psychology Today Magazine. Editor in Chief Kaja Perina manages features that delve into most baffling part of humanity – our minds and how to deal with them.
  18. In Pursuit of Happiness In Pursuit of Happiness is run by Britt Reints. Part selfhelp and part travel blog, Reints uses her experiences in travel to show the way to happiness by exploring the world and ourselves.
  19. Meant to be Happy Ken Wert’s blog Meant to be Happy illustrates his daily means to strive for happiness in his life and how he wishes to share those ways with the rest of the world.
  20. The Change Blog The Change Blog, personal project of Peter Clemens, showcases his methods on getting one’s life in order. If your life feels broken and unfulfilled, The Change Blog can show you the path to change.
  21. The School of Life The Skool of Life. Catchy, huh? Class is in session with Srinivas Rao as he teaches you to ride the waves toward a fulfilled life and making a dent in the universe.
  22. Positivity Blog Henrik Edberg from Sweden, gives us The Positivity Blog, a blog that teaches those who need a boost of self esteem to become a little more motivated and become a little happier.
  23. The Spread Happy The love child of Andi, The Spread Happy blog is a journey into the art of healing. Healing of both body and soul. Learn to live in a content and peaceful state.
  24. Finding Happiness Todd Patkin, author of Finding Happiness, brings us his blog, Guide to the Good Life. Happiness seems so elusive nowadays but his blog can show us the way to finding true happiness.
  25. Shake off the Grind Shake off the Grid and Begin to thrive was made by Joe Wilner with the mission of empowering people to take leaps of faith, build confidence, and discover their full potential
  26. Positive Provocations The little piece of heaven of Zeenat MerchantSyal, Positive Provocations is a blog that urges its reader to be the best they can be to grow in a healthy and spiritual way.
  27. Personal Excellence Personal Excellence was founded by Celestine Chua. For those who desire to reach their full potential in their lives and wish to live for the very best, this is the blog for you.
  28. Mazzastick The author and creator of the Mazzastick blog is Justin Mazza. His job is to show us the connection each of has to the rest of humanity. Behold…the Awakening is upon us.
  29. Live Bold and Bloom Barrie Davenport writes about inspiring personal growth and getting outside of your comfort zone at Live Bold and Bloom. The work here encourages her readers to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by doing those things, which at first may seem too bold. She hopes to challenge you to shift your thinking so you can fear less and live more.
  30. The Bold Life The Bold Life is a blog founded by Tess Marshall with the goal of inspiring and developing both on a personal and spiritual level. We must let go of fear and take Bold action.
  31. Deva Coaching Light the fire within, with Sandi Amorim and her intense blog Deva Coaching. Get ready to improve your life Now! Without fear! Free yourself from excuses and reasons and get ready to shine!
  32. Advanced Life Skills Advanced Life Skills is the creation of Jonathan Wells with the goal of making people in the world experience their own cultural growth. Achieving your goals is simpler than you thought.
  33. Strictly Stress Management Strictly Stress Management. A professional blog that is run by the Metanoia Wellness Corporation, with a single goal in mind, finding ways to remove stress and enrich your life and your health.
  34. 17000 Days 17000 days is a unique blog with a countdown. Life is a short and precious thing and Cara Stein wants to remind us to take advantage of each and every day.
  35. Faces of Beauty What is truly beautiful? The Faces of Beauty blog attempts to answer that question. With the help of Heather, discover your own true beauty and learn to appreciate it for what it is.
  36. Operation Beautiful We are all Beautiful. Caitlin Boyle tries to show us this with her blog: Operation Beautiful. Negative SelfTalk is something Caitlin wishes to end and she shares her positive outlook with all of us.
  37. Nourishing the Soul Hungry for some healing? Nourishing the Soul, a blog written by Ashley, sends us positive advice on eating disorders and how to nourish body and soul in healthier, better, way.
  38. I Am Guiltless Let go of your guilt with Guiltless, a blog by Elizabeth and Stephanie. Fill your body and mind with the good food of learning to love yourself and your own body.
  39. The Daily Love The Daily Love is the creation of Mastin Kipp to give us a daily dose of love. He embarked on a grand adventure, culling wisdom from across history and is now sharing it with us.
  40. The Happy Seeker The creation of Christopher Foster is the The Happy Seeker. For some, their defining purpose is to find purpose in life. The is blog can help them on their search for meaning.
  41. Powered by Intution Powered by Intuition. With the help of it’s creator Angela Artemis, discover intuition as the key to improving your life and your career attain success in any aspect of your life.
  42. Abundance Tapestry Abundance Tapestry is made by Evelyn Lim. Its focus is to inspire people to live abundantly. To choose the alternative path away from the mainstream and move with intuitiveness and happiness.
  43. Motivational Memo Peter G. James Sinclair gives us the Motivational Memo blog, whose goal is to pursue to uniqueness in every person and to discover their passion and to discover their strengths.
  44. Simple Marriage Corey Allen wants to have a simple marriage and he does this with his blog, Simple Marriage, a blog dedicated to keeping life and marriage simple, passionate, spiritual, communal, and enjoyable.
  45. Pick The Brain Editor in Chief Erin Falconer gives us Pick the Brain, a blog that focuses on selfhelp, but in a broader sense. It gives us ideas about how we can make our lives better.
  46. Life Optimizer The Life Optimizer blog. Donald Latumahina, wants us to live our lives to the fullest. Everyone has great potential within themselves and personal development can make that potential take root and bloom.
  47. Small Hands Big Ideas Small Hands, Big Ideas, a blog made by Grace Boyle. She gives us a blog where pleasure and social responsibility coexist, and where one can learn about inspiration and career and relationship advice.
  48. Brad Aronson Inspirational stories about life and work Brad Aronson provides inspirational stories about people who make a difference and lessons for all of us about how we can be happier and have a positive impact on the lives of others.
  49. The Happiest Mom Megan Francis, mother of five, writes The Happiest Mom. A blog about the many joys and pleasures and challenges that motherhood has to offer and advice on how to adapt and enjoy all of them.
  50. Woman Seeks World Woman Seeks World is a blog by Nicole who wants to show us a path to happiness and a way to follow our dreams. Leave the rat race and be happy.
  51. Self Help Daily Self Help Daily, a blog by Joi Tania Sigers. She wants us to learn from our mistakes and make ourselves stronger by them and to make the world a better place for everyone.
  52. Jungle of Life Lance Ekum wants to help us on the safari of life with his blog Jungle of Life. His goal is to take your life to the next level and in a new direction.
  53. Self Help Zone A large, well organized website, The Self Help Zone has a vast array of resources to help someone get their life back on track or simply on track for the first time.
  54. Remodeling This Life Emily writes the Remodeling This Life blog. A blog about simplifying your life and living a life with more frugality and being more content with what you have. Simplify, Simplify.
  55. Cynthia Occelli LIFE That is the name of Cynthia Occelli’s blog, that tells us that life is not for the faint of heart. It is about living and following your own path to greatness.
  56. Find Your Organic Soul Odette Worrell and Michelle Cramer helps us discover which path will help us achieve positive and permanent success by looking at how all areas of our lifes are connected.
  57. Life Coach on the Go EmmaLouise advanced from successful corporate employee to successful business owner and from complaining about her situation to taking personal responsibility and doing something about it. She shines as a Certified Life Coach, and her blog is an expansive resource of wisdom and tips for anyone interested in selfdevelopment.
  58. Arianna’s Random Thoughts Arianna believes that the art of storytelling is a compelling way to pass along knowledge. She writes on how to overcome obstacles during our life journey and how important it is to support each other through the process.
  59. Maverick Point Maverick Point is a blog written to empower others to live to their greatest potential, and to share the universal truths of conscious living.
  60. Superhero Journal with Andrea Scher Andrea Scher’s tagline at the Superhero Journal is “No Capes, Just Courage.” Her beautiful work is all about helping you finding power in your vulnerability, the place where uncertainty and hopeful hearts collide. She offers workshops and classes, books and daily inspirations. Try downloading the free Superhero Manifesto to brighten your day.
  61. Medical Marzipan with Mara Glatzel Mara Glatzel, a selflove coach, is out to share an amazing and powerful message: Deep down, we are much more powerful than we are able to believe. Her work focuses on supporting others in enhancing their creativity, body loving awareness, and authentic living as they begin to reauthor the rules of their lives, and create something beautiful and unique in life.
  62. Roots of She Roots of She is a collection of true stories & tender wisdom — for women, by women. It’s also a digital portal for divine selfdiscovery — with free tools, seasonal ecourses, meditation kits & private coaching for women who want to live simply, and simply live. Creator Jenn Gibson writes, teaches & coaches by a simple credo: no matter what you’re facing, you are not alone.
  63. Blog of Tim Ferris Tim Ferris is well known for his insanely productive experiments in lifestyle design, as well as his bestselling books “The 4Hour Work Week” and “The 4Hour Body”. His blog covers a range of topics for folks looking to improve their business and health.
  64. Paid to Exist Jonathan Mead writes Paid to Exist, a very stylish blog offering insights and advice on how to get paid to be you. This is useful for anyone ready to live and work on their own terms by removing the separation between what they get paid to do and what they love to do.
  65. Exile Lifestyle Colin Wright is as a fulltime traveler on the Exile Lifestyle. He writes about allthings human as he learns while he travels. He’s dedicated to concepts of design, creativity, and minimalism.
  66. Karen Salmansohn Karen Salmansohn writes “selfhelp for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing selfhelp.” Her blog is full of vibrant images that offer inspirational quotes and ideas leading to the ultimate, powerful personal mantra: Be Happy, Dammit! (Just so happens to be the title of one of her books too)
  67. Christine Kane Christine Kane, a former singersongwriter specializes in mentoring women and is the president and founder of a company committed to the empowerment of entrepreneurs. She writes about conscious living.
  68. The Bridge Maker The BridgeMaker connects those looking to celebrate personal change, be it in their faith, work or daily lives. Written by Alex Blackwell, it keeps focused on inspirations, forgiveness and appreciating every moment.
  69. Good Clean Love Written by GoodCleanLove’s founder, Wendy Strgar, this blog is all about making our intimate relationships sustainable, learning how to communicate, negotiate and master shared difficulties and challenges — and learning the art of love.
  70. Project Happily Every After Alisa Bowman writes about happiness, balance, spirituality, and parenthood in an effort to create a community and soul sounding board. She began with the intention that she didn’t want others to feel alone and despairing when it comes to navigating difficult relationships.
  71. Play With the World Shannon Kaiser invites you to go on a Therapeutic Adventure for the Soul. She is the author of Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest. She’s on a mission to help others find peace and fulfillment by being themselves.
  72. Gala Darling This place gets a lot of traffic and no wonder, its underlying mission is The Radical Self Love Project. Believe it or not, Gala Darling started as a fashion blog and overtime has evolved into an encouraging space for women to fall in love with themselves.
  73. Life By Me This is a collaborative space intent on asking the question “What is most meaningful to you?” The answers change every day. They connect with world leaders, moms, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, fishermen, teenagers, designers, prison inmates, media moguls and you.
  74. 365 til 30 Kate McClafferty started this site as a place to document the goals she wanted to accomplish in the year leading up to her 30th birthday. Going from Can’t to Can in every aspect. In creating the site, she created a space for encouraging others to “turn their dreams into plans”.
  75. Manifest Station Yoga The Manifest Station asks you to consider what you’re manifesting. The creator, Jennifer Pastiloff, takes a yogic bent in encouraging others to seriously grow in life, but also remembering not to take life too seriously.
  76. Tiffany Han Coaching Tiffany Han is a life and business coach for people seeking to live more creatively. Her blog helps readers explore their creativity, and provides inspiration for anyone looking to enjoy their best life.
  77. Matthew Ferry The work of Matthew Ferry focuses on helping people shift their mindset in order to obtain their goals. His posts, which include both written video posts, aim to inspire action and encourage happiness and success.
  78. A Daring Adventure Tim Brownson is a life coach, specializing in helping people get unstuck. His blog is frequently updated with useful and realistic hints for enjoying life to support the discovery of your personal calling.
  79. Kinfolk Magazine If you haven’t heard about this new movement about gatherings, and sharing food and life, please consider this your invitation. A growing community of artists produces this great, this quarterly print and tablet entertaining publication, with a shared interest in small gatherings. A true source of inspiration! Start your own gathering.
  80. Personal Development with Fred Tracy Fred Tracy writes to help people live better lives and also to create opportunities to learn from others. His blog is full of selfhelp tips that cover everything from how to meditate to how to obtain financial freedom.
  81. A Flourishing Life: Practical Wisdom for Clarity, Freedom & Happiness Psychotherapist Gail Brenner, shares her ideas for creating a life of inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment. There are many resources here for your inspiration, including the blog, guided audio meditations, and a Q+A section.
  82. The Daily Awe Lindsay Curtis, a spiritual intuitive, empath, and Reiki practitioner living in Toronto, is the author on the Daily Awe. Her posts are rich with content and often end with questions to encourage reflection and further personal exploration, in the art of intuitive guidance for everyday life.
  83. Reflecting a Life Reflecting on Life shares important life lessons through motivation and encouragement to help you create the life you want. Where to begin? Elle says it’s as simple as answering a single question.
  84. Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk has cofounded three startups, one of which is the very popular Brazen Careerist. She writes on this blog about finding your dream career, being productive, relationships, homeschooling, and living on a farm in Wisconsin.
  85. Advanced Riskology: Better Living Through Uncertainty This blog is the mindchild of Tyler Vooren, and encourages its readers to embrace the unknown. Advanced Riskology supports you to do things outside of your comfort zones in order to discover the opportunity to learn, grow, and enjoy life success.
  86. Expert Enough: Just Enough to Be Dangerous Expert Enough is for readers who want to collect endeavors and life skills. They believe that we are all capable of so much more than we think and they want to support you in digging in deep and manifesting your expertise. The work here covers howto tips on a variety of topics including, technology, media, psychology, fitness, and food.
  87. Dragos Roua Dragos Roua writes about his past, present and future, which includes a lot of living through crossroads and a few mistakes. His posts encourage selfreflection and he conveys this by weaving in stories about being a father, runner, entrepreneur, and a selfproclaimed personal development fanatic.
  88. Simple Mindfulness The premise of this blog explains that by making simple changes and taking mindful steps, we can all live happier and more fulfilling lives. Paige Burkes created this space to support others working towards healthy relationships, selflove, and full acceptance.
  89. Make it Happen Arvind Devalia is commited to helping his blog readers discover their deepest purpose. His writings urge people to go “deep” to improve their own lives, as well as to make the world a better place.
  90. AnneSophie AnneSophie writes to help others experience true selflove and bodylove. She has an amazing and compelling story. The posts on her blog promote realizing your own selfworth, building selfconfidence, and believing in your own unique path.
  91. Year Old Ninja This blog is written by Izzy: a man who quit his job, moved to Japan, and started following his own dream to become a real, live, modernday ninja. Izzy’s posts are all dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others to live their own dreams. Make sure to check out his TEDx Talk.
  92. Jackie Walker Jackie Walker writes this blog primarily for coaches, therapists, and healers, but really anyone can benefit from reading her posts about personal and professional development, selfcare, and spiritual wellbeing.
  93. Deliberate Receiving Learn the Power of Love and search for the answers to true happiness in your life the blog of Melody Fletcher: Deliberate Receiving can provide you with the answers you seek.
  94. Toni Snyder A PhD and Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Toni helps midlife men and women create a foxy holistic nutrition, fitness and lifestyle balance that gives them the freedom to make their own health decisions and boldly live the life of their choosing.
  95. Jon Paul Crimi Jon is a health and fitness coach with 20 years in the field. He says, proper form and taking it slow are two principles that just can’t be ignored, and this is from a guy who’s learned how to bounce back from injury the hard way. He’s got some great instructional videos as well.
  96. Jenn Winiarski Jenn makes her home in British Columbia where she offers a coaching program based on a Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind and Inspired Living concept. She’s trained in mediation and conflict resolution and spent years as an endurance athlete, competing in and finishing some of the toughest adventure races on the planet.
  97. Maria’s Kokoro Marina grew up a RussianUkrainian immigrant in Boston and later travelled the world. Currently located in Japan, she coaches around rebuilding “confidence muscles around food” and learning to “trust your instincts” though a small nonprofit and private wellness center running out of the heart of Tokyo.
  98. KateNorthrup.com Kate Northrup found that the secret to happy living is freeing yourself financially. She shares what she’s learned through the years in her blog and brings great advice to the table.
  99. Kind Over Matter Amanda runs the show here, a selfprofessed Kindness Advocate, inspiring others to lead authentic lives doing what they love & by sharing and by giving it a voice. Kind Over Matter is a community of loving souls changing the world & they would love to have you join in on their efforts.
  100. The World Needs More Love Letters “No matter how tough we act, we all still need a love letter from time to time.” Need a profound boost of positive goodfeelings? This is a mustvisit space, where strangers write love letters to one another and we all get a letter when we need it most.
  101. Love Your Flawz Their only mission at Love Your Flawz is to help everyone learn to love & embrace their flaws… Imperfect is the new perfect! Check out their inspirations, helpful stuff, videos and community pages!
  102. Make the World Move MTWM is a celebratory collaborative effort of shared inspiration from across the. Each month, experts bring their wisdom and advice to the community through blogs and videos on happiness, inspiration, personal growth, relationships, spirituality and wellbeing. MTWM celebrates all aspects of life and inspires people from across the globe to lead extraordinary lives.
  103. Jamie | Living Jamie Greenwood, CHHC, AADP is the Founder of JamieLiving, Food, Body & Lifestyle Coaching that offers private and corporate nutrition coaching nationwide. She is the author two ecookbooks including How to Savor the Holidays While Saving Your Waistline and You Sanity and is a frequent food & body expert on MindBodyGreen. “Unravel. Unearth. Unveil the piece of you that has been asking for light. For only in the excavation is their freedom and peace”.

Best Blogs for Positive Thinking

  1. Positive Psychology Reflections This is a fantastic blog for learning about positive psychology from a woman who coaches folks for a living.
  2. Tough Guide You’ll love this blog because it shows interesting ways to make your work environment pleasurable through positive thinking.
  3. Walter Jacobson Blog Everything from relationships to depression is addressed at this blog that offers positive thinking solutions for both.
  4. Motivational Memo This is one of the best positive thinking blogs we’ve come across because the advice is to-the-point and easy to implement for real life staring now.
  5. The Happiness Project This writer put positive psychology into play for an entire year to see if it works. Read her blog and tips for maintaining a happy life.
  6. SoBe Organized Positive thinking starts with simplifying your life. Read how to get organized and handle it all with this blog.
  7. Dave Shearon The blog of this positive psychology wiz is aimed at helping leaders and managers maintain a healthy attitude for employees in the work place.
  8. Life at Work Making your life at work better is the goal of this blog. With advice on how to see nearly every situation in a positive light, this blog is your go-to for reducing work stress.
  9. The Happiness Institute Blog What can happiness do for you? According to this blog, just about anything. Read about what happiness can fix and get smiling!
  10. Success Inspired This site is a great resource for learning more about positive thinking on the web.
  11. Success Consciousness Making positive thinking a way of life is what ultimately leads to happiness.
  12. Life Positive This blog is chock full of tips that will make it easy to practice positive psychology.
  13. Self-Growth Folks flock to this site for it’s approachable take on positive psychology. There’s also an active community for those who want to make a few friends with others who practice the same mindset.
  14. Positive Thinking Everyday It’s all about making positive thinking a way of life. This blog shows you how to implement the practice in easy ways.
  15. Coaching Towards Happiness This site tracks positive thinking coaches with links to their sites for more tips on putting positive psychology into practice.
  16. Authentic Happiness This is the blog for Penn State’s department of positive psychology, which is making major headway in the field.
  17. Happiness Club NY Those in the New York area can check this site for information on meetups for like-minded people who love being happy.
  18. Cognitive Daily This blog stopped publishing in early 2010, but the posts are still on the site and available for anyone who wants to explore the scientific side of positive psychology.
  19. Senia This site doesn’t update often, but the archived posts are brilliant for putting positive thinking into play.
  20. Positive Psychology News This is the online resource for those exploring positive psychology.
  21. The Psych Student This is a general blog over psychology, but has interesting posts over positive psychology.
  22. Life Coaches Blog While some blogs get a little too new age for our taste, this one keeps it simple and thoroughly explains positive psychology practices.
  23. Theano Coaching This blog no longer updates, but the archived information is helpful for those dealing with stressful times in their lives.
  24. Dr. John Blog This in-depth positive psychology blog will allow you to explore the practice with both the scientific and new wave sides to weigh.
  25. Enchanted Self This blog aims to empower women through positive psychology practices.

Articles on Practicing Positive Psychology

  1. Practicing Positive Psychology in Higher Education Learn how positive psychology is playing a role in success in higher education.
  2. How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business Even if you aren’t buying into positive psychology for the psychological aspects, maybe the money aspect will make you think with positive energy.
  3. Leadership Role of Positive Psychology How does positive psychology play a role in being a better leader? Find out here.
  4. Translational Research in Positive Psychology This is an interesting article over the studies being done in positive psychology.
  5. Delivering Happiness: Zappos and Positive Energy Book Review Zappos has created the ultimate work environment. This article examines the book and why the formula works for the shoe (and now apparel) web store.
  6. Positive Psychology at McLean Hospital Read about the expansion of a positive psychology institute at this hospital to benefit both the staff and patients.
  7. Positive Psychology Search Search positive psychology phrases or big wigs with this custom search engine for the subject.
  8. Generally Thinking This general psychology blog has smart posts over positive psychology to get you thinking happy.
  9. Creating Passionate Users We love this blog because it has a get-real approach to positive thinking. Sometimes it comes off as aggressive, but the content is a lot easier to swallow than the super mushy new age blogs.
  10. Happy Days The original version of this article debuted in 2000, proving the positive psychology trend is hardly a fad.
  11. Why Couch Potatoes Are Tired Do nothing all day and you can still feel tired at the end of it. Why? Find out with this article that preaches positive thinking in order to get moving.
  12. Teaching Happiness on the Web Can you buy happiness? Maybe. Take a look at this NY Times article that examines the coaching industry of positive thinking.
  13. 10 Tips for Positive Thinking Can you make yourself happier? It may work by implementing these 10 helpful tips.
  14. Mayo Clinic – Positive Thinking This article explains positive thinking with the science side in mind and the vast health benefits that come along with the practice.
  15. The Benefits of Positive Thinking There are a few integral rules of positive thinking and this concise post spells them out so you can start working towards a better you ASAP.
  16. Positive Psychology’s Negatives Is positive psychology all fun and games? Definitely not. Read this interview for the scoop.
  17. Positive Psychology and Happiness Positive psychology isn’t all about new age jargon that takes you in circles. Read about the facts with this subject.
  18. The Science of Happiness Since early 2007, Harvard has studied positive psychology and the science of being happy.
  19. The Six Life Benefits of Happiness You’ll feel like a million (even if you don’t make a million) when you’re happy, according to several psychology studies.
  20. The Negative Truth About Positive Energy Everyone from mass corporations to self-titled”gurus” are cashing in on positive psychology. Read about the effects it has.
  21. Introducing the Happiness Index This 2008 article states that though positive thinking was just reaching its height at the time, Americans were less than “happy.”
  22. Preferences for Positive Thinking Exercises Sure, we all want to practice positive thinking, but what exercises actually work?
  23. Positive Organizational Psychology, Behavior and Scholarship Because it’s a fairly new area in the field, there are few studies in positive psychology. This article reviews literature on the subject from 2001-2009.
  24. Resilience as the Ability to Bounce Back from Stress Is positive thinking all we need to maintain ourselves during highly stressful times in our lives?
  25. Manipulating Optimism Can you manipulate the future by practicing positive thinking? This article explains the theory.



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