101 Actions to keep you positive

  1. Watch sunrise/sunset
  2. Join a meetup group of people with similar interests
  3. Call/skype/meetup with a friend
  4. Start a new hobby
  5. Read a good book/blog
  6. Go for a good movie/concert/theatre
  7. Visit an exhibition in an area of interest
  8. Visit the library and browse books/magazines
  1. Brainstorm on a topic of interest with family, friends, colleagues
  2. Have some me time/quiet time
  3. Schedule in a pamper session
  4. Plan a vacation
  5. Have a staycation
  6. Go camping and rough it out for a day or two
  7. Go on an unplanned day trip
  8. Go on a holiday
  9. Go shopping
  10. Cook something new/or your favourite dish
  11. Cook something healthy that also tastes great
  12. Invite people over and cook up/order in a feast
  13. Go out with friends
  14. Get to know your neighbours
  15. Volunteer at your nearby community service group
  16. Donate to a good cause that you are passionate about
  17. Go for a day with saying “I” and focus on others needs first
  18. Hit the gym
  19. Join a fun exercise e.g. Zumba
  20. Join a martial arts class
  21. Go for a drive/ride/walk/swim
  22. Walk, jog on the spot while watching tv
  23. Learn a new skill e.g. a new language
  24. Do something creative with your hands (paint/sculpt/knit etc)
  25. Sign up for some creative activity like sing, dance, act, play a musical instrument
  26. Dress up and go somewhere
  27. Have a indoor games session with family/friends
  28. Play a sport
  29. Try a challenging activity (abseiling/bungy jumping/white water rafting)
  30. Clean up and organise your space
  31. Learn to dispose things that take space and don’t add value
  32. Create a schedule and organise your time
  33. Create a to-do list and prioritise it
  34. Identify and reduce on non-essential activities
  35. Have a make-over
  36. Decorate your space
  37. Find the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation
  38. Count your blessings
  39. Meditate for a few minutes
  40. Join a yoga class
  41. Cherish moments with loved ones
  42. Tell someone near or dear that you appreciate them
  43. Take a moment to do something nice for a loved one
  44. Give someone a heartfelt compliment
  45. Remember someone’s birthday and send them a birthday card
  46. Practice forgiveness
  47. Practice gratitude
  48. Spend a minute to thank someone for something they did
  49. Seek help and advice from supportive people around you
  50. Do something useful around the house e.g. gardening, building, fixing
  51. Find a buddy and develop a good habit together
  52. Reward small successes
  53. Take on a 21 day challenge
  54. Make a list of short term and long term goals, and set a timeline for at least one, even better tell someone about it who will keep you accountable
  55. Slow down and switch to single task mode (as against multi task mode)
  56. Control the urge to do something unhealthy and replace with a healthy alternative, e.g. snack on a fruit instead of chips
  57. Take a big step towards a goal, e.g. throw out all junk food from your pantry
  58. Control a bad habit for the day, e.g. don’t drink on a weekday
  59. Think of one past failed attempt at something and note your lessons learnt, then reattempt
  60. Do something mentally challenging, e.g. solve a crossword puzzle, Sudoku
  61. Read poetry
  62. Write an article/poem/story
  63. Sign up at your nearby toastmasters club
  64. Follow an expert in your area of interest on social media
  65. Join community groups in your area of interest in social media and participate
  66. Help organise a public event related to your area of interest
  67. Find a role model/mentor and connect with them
  68. Coach, guide someone new in your area of expertise
  69. Contact 5 people on social media who belong to your peer group
  70. Take a relaxing bath
  71. Light a candle and listen to your favourite songs/music
  72. Try some aromatherapy
  73. Remember the old saying: “it’s not who you think you are that holds you back but what you think you’re not.”
  74. Read a biography of someone you admire
  75. Read inspirational true stories
  76. Increase your knowledge in art/history/literature
  77. Increase your knowledge in current events
  78. Increase your knowledge in social sciences/human psychology
  79. Go stargazing and try to think of yourself as a part of the universe
  80. Challenge yourself to be assertive in an intimidating scenario
  81. Set boundaries and learn to say no
  82. Treat yourself to your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant
  83. Learn about finance
  84. Pay off/make a strategy to pay off your credit card bills/other debts
  85. Create a savings fund for your next expensive gift to yourself
  86. Explore ways to utilise your existing talents (everyone has them) to earn a side income
  87. Get one or more pets
  88. Learn from the past, then let go
  89. Reflect and evaluate yourself often, find avenues for improvement
  90. Practice spirituality
  91. Simplify decision making and empower others to take decisions as well
  92. Be the bigger person in a conflicting situation
  93. Celebrate other’s success


The possibilities are infinite, if you want to pursue positivity. The world is yours if you want it !


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